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Updated articles to extract META informations from databases

By popular request, I've updated my articles explaining how to retrieve meta data from your DBMS (Firebird SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server). Have fun.   Read article

9 September 2008

Extracting META information from Interbase/Firebird SQL (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Extracting META informations from Interbase/Firebird System Tables (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)   Read article

13 November 2007

Extracting META information from Oracle (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Extracting META information from an Oracle database using the Oracle Data Dictionary views (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)   Read article

17 June 2007

Extracting META information from SQL Server (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

How to retrieve META information from Microsoft SQL Server, using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA, with system tables (sysobjects, sysindexkeys, sysindexes, syscolumns, systypes, etc) and/or with system stored procedures (T-SQL).   Read article

12 March 2007

Extracting META information from PostgreSQL (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Extracting META information from a PostgreSQL database using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA views and the system catalogs (pg_class, pg_user, pg_view)   Read article

8 May 2006