PHPNW10 slides and new job!


Last week I attended the PHPNW10 conference in Manchester, where I gave a presentation on Profiling and backend performance optimisation, a topic that attracted a lot of people. The room was maybe a bit small and it maxed out pretty soon, some delegates told me they wanted to attend but couldn't get in... Apart from that, the conference was excellent: interesting talks, old and new friends, and impressive organisation. Well done everyone!

For those interested, I published my slides online (sorry for the delay, I've been trying for a week, but SlideShare didn't seem to be working), you can find them on my Talks page or on SlideShare. I'd really appreciate if you could leave your comments on if you haven't already.

New city, new job

I'm also happy to say that I recently changed job, I left Ibuildings to work with a team of amazing and dedicated people on DataSift in Reading, UK. I'm very excited about the challenges ahead, and about having to play with large-scale data filtering and content curation. Moving house meant not having internet access for a couple of weeks (eek!), so please bear with me if you wrote me and you're waiting for an answer. Some positive side effects of having no internet access: more time to read books, play music and a pleasant surprise: BBC4 Radio, highly recommended.

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Congrats on the new job! You might want to update your bio on the right though ;-)
cheers, Derick

Lorenzo - great to see you in Manchester, congratulations on the new job and welcome to the club of radio 4 listeners :)

wow Lorenzo, congratz on the new job! new challenges can often be very refreshing, especially if they include a move :)

Expecting your new surprising thing in you new job office.

Good luck with the new position, check out Melvyn Bragg's "In Our Time" ...just love that show.

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