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PostgreSQL cheat sheet

Abstract: Cheat sheet for PostgreSQL 8. A handy reference of the PostgreSQL datatypes, an useful query reference (with an eye on the INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables) and a list of the internal PostgreSQL functions.

While there is already a number of cheat sheets for Postgresql external link available on the web, I couldn't find one in this format and with the kind of information I wanted, so I wrote one.

A detailed description of the cheat sheet follows, and you can start downloading it here:

PostgreSQL Cheat Sheet - Details

PostgreSQL cheat sheet - Data types The cheat sheet is organized in 4 sections. The first section contains a list of the available data types, their description and the range of values that each of them supports.

PostgreSQL cheat sheet - Internal functions The second section contains a list of the Internal functions. PostgreSQL features an huge number of internal functions, that should make the developer's life easier. They're listed here, grouped by field of interest (mathematical, geometric, string, aggregate, conditional, network, date and time functions).

PostgreSQL cheat sheet - Useful queries The third section contains some useful queries, like the ones to manage TRANSACTIONs, SAVEPOINTs and SEQUENCEs, and a sample query with a "LIMIT / OFFSET" clause.

PostgreSQL cheat sheet - INFORMATION_SCHEMA functions The last section contains a some useful queries against the INFORMATION_SCHEMA. The new INFORMATION_SCHEMA makes working with system tables (aka catalog or pg_* tables) easier. I wrote here some queries to retrieve a list of the tables, fields, indices, constraints, functions and triggers.


If you wish to link to the PostgreSQL cheat sheet from elsewhere, rather than linking directly to the sheet please link to this page so others can find the description. Thank you.

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