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Speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference 2009

Abstract: Speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference 2009. Talk: "Trees in the Database: Advanced Data Structures".

I'm happy to announce I'll be speaking at the Dutch PHP Conference 2009 in Amsterdam (11th to 13th June 2009). The conference, organised by Ibuildings, is packed with advanced tutorials and talks, with great presenters from the EU and the US.

My talk is about tree data structures in the database:

Storing tree structures in a bi-dimensional table has always been problematic. The simplest tree models are usually quite inefficient, while more complex ones aren't necessarily better. In this talk I'll briefly go through the most used models (adjacency list, materialized path, nested sets) and introduce some more advanced ones belonging to the nested intervals family (MPTT, Continued Fractions, Farey algorithm and other encodings).
I'll describe the advantages and pitfalls of each model, some proprietary solutions (e.g. Oracle's CONNECT BY) and one of the SQL Standard's upcoming features, Common Table Expressions.

I hope to see you there! (NB: Early Bird Registration ends April 30th).

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