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Zend Framework testing: emulating HTTP calls

How to test HTTP calls using Zend Framework, using Dependency Injection and a stub HTTP Client.   Read article

29 October 2008

Updated articles to extract META informations from databases

By popular request, I've updated my articles explaining how to retrieve meta data from your DBMS (Firebird SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server). Have fun.   Read article

9 September 2008

PEAR::Translation2 tutorials - "backend" usage

This second Translation2 tutorial shows how to add, update and remove languages and translations.   Read article

18 May 2008

PEAR::Translation2 tutorials - "frontend" usage

This first Translation2 tutorial shows how to deal with translated strings: how to fetch them one by one or in groups, and how to transform, cache and decorate them.   Read article

13 May 2008

PEAR::Translation2 Tutorials

I just released the first stable version of Translation2. Here's an overview of the package, its purpose and its design.   Read article

6 May 2008

PHP 5.3 SPL data structures: SplStack, SplHeap, SplPriorityQueue, SplDoublyLinkedList

A sneak peak at some new SPL data structures (stack, heap, queue, list) introduced in PHP 5.3.   Read article

8 April 2008

PHP 5.3 SPL goodies: GlobIterator, SplFileObject and CSV files


A sneak peak at some SPL goodies introduced in PHP 5.3: The GlobIterator and SplFileObject classes.   Read article

27 March 2008

PEAR MDB2 2.5.0b1 released

A new beta release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!   Read article

15 March 2008

Book review: "PHP Oracle Web Development" by Yuli Vasiliev

Review of the book "PHP Oracle Web Development" by Yuli Vasiliev (Packt Publishing). Book contents, highlights and impressions. A sample chapter is included.   Read article

17 November 2007

Extracting META information from Interbase/Firebird SQL (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Extracting META informations from Interbase/Firebird System Tables (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)   Read article

13 November 2007