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PEAR MDB2 2.5.0a1 released

A new alpha release of MDB2 is out. Please test the new FOREIGN KEY support, and report any issue you may experience before a stable release. Enjoy!   Read article

28 October 2007

PEAR MDB2: FOREIGN KEY support is complete!

I've finally committed the last pieces of code to implement full FOREIGN KEY support in the MDB2 Manager and Reverse modules. Please fetch the CVS version of the package and test it.   Read article

15 August 2007

Catching up - July 2007

Zürich, PEAR updates and MDB2 Oracle development   Read article

22 July 2007

PEAR MDB2 updates (FOREIGN KEY support!)

Some updates on recent MDB2 developement: FOREIGN KEY support in the Manager and Reverse modules, etc. Also: updated SQL technical articles on INFORMATION_SCHEMA for Firebird, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle.   Read article

17 June 2007

Extracting META information from Oracle (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Extracting META information from an Oracle database using the Oracle Data Dictionary views (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)   Read article

17 June 2007

PEAR MDB2 2.4.1 released

A new stable release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!   Read article

3 May 2007

PEAR MDB2 2.4.0 released

A new stable release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!   Read article

14 March 2007

Extracting META information from SQL Server (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

How to retrieve META information from Microsoft SQL Server, using the INFORMATION_SCHEMA, with system tables (sysobjects, sysindexkeys, sysindexes, syscolumns, systypes, etc) and/or with system stored procedures (T-SQL).   Read article

12 March 2007

PEAR::Pager Tutorials - Use Pager with Smarty. Use Pager_Wrapper with AJAX

Since I keep getting emails asking for help with PEAR::Pager, here's a couple of new examples about the most requested features: 1) how to use Pager with a template engine like Smarty; 2) how to use Pager_Wrapper to paginate database results and display them using AJAX.   Read article

8 March 2007

PostgreSQL table audit

PostgreSQL table audit: a tutorial featuring a working example with triggers and a PL/TCL function. Or: for once in a while, PHP is not the right tool ;-)   Read article

20 February 2007