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PEAR MDB2 2.5.0b1 released

Abstract: A new beta release of MDB2 is out. Enjoy!

Finally, the new PEAR::MDB2 1.5.0beta1 is out!
The number of fixed bugs and new features since the last stable release is impressive. The bravest of you that already installed the alpha version may have tried some of these already, anyway here's a preview of what's new:

  • added alterDatabase(), truncateTable() and vacuum() abstraction in the Manager module
  • added length() and unixtimestamp() functions abstraction in the Function module
  • added partial support for CHECK constraints
  • added full support for FOREIGN KEY constraints, both in the Reverse and in the Manager module. For the DBMS that do not enforce the FK constraints or their ON UPDATE / ON DELETE actions, there's now a nice emulation of these features thanks to some TRIGGERs that are automatically created for you.
  • better overall charset/collation support

A huge number of little fixes and a careful QA process make this package stabler than ever. This is also possible thanks to you, the users, and the bug reporters. A special "thank you" to Ali Fazelzadeh for joining the team, welcome on board!

Here's the detailed changelog for the various drivers:

And now, go an try the new release yourself. To install / upgrade:

$ pear config-set preferred_state beta
// install the base DBAL:
$ pear install MDB2
// install one or more drivers:
$ pear install MDB2#ibase
$ pear install MDB2#mssql
$ pear install MDB2#mysql
$ pear install MDB2#mysqli
$ pear install MDB2#oci8
$ pear install MDB2#pgsql
$ pear install MDB2#sqlite
// to upgrade, replace "pear install" with "pear upgrade"

Have fun!

2 responses to "PEAR MDB2 2.5.0b1 released"

Nicholas Avenell, 17 May 2010 10:24

I\'ve been using MDB2 for a while, and it\'s central to a number of projects, but doesn\'t appear to like 2.5.3 very much, and hasn\'t been updated for ages. Should I be looking for a new abstraction library, or do you intend to return to it?

Lorenzo Alberton, 17 May 2010 10:48

Hi Nicholas,
please check out a copy of MDB2 from SVN, it\'s fully PHP5.3 compatible, with many performance improvements. I\'m currently waiting for some fixes to the new SQL Server driver (Microsoft is working on it this very week), then I\'ll push a new stable release.

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